Who would have thought you could get two 200-pound ewes in the back of a Toyota 4Runner? I was skeptical when Sam Stack came to pick up Brown-Nose and Luna, the two 2-year olds he and his wife Lauren had bought from me to add to their flock at Willy Nilly Farm in Humboldt County. Sam said he likes to transport sheep this way because he can turn on the air conditioning and keep them comfortable in the mid-day heat. He doesn’t even put down the back seats! We loaded Brown-Nose and Luna into our sheep trailer, backed his 4Runner up to a hill, and they stepped willingly into the tiny space and were snug and happily scarfing down alfalfa as he prepared to head out. Brown-Nose looked like she was eyeing the comfort of the back seat, but Sam was confident she would stay put for the ride to their new home.

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