Barinaga Ranch Videos

Here are a few videos to give you a better sense of life on the ranch. In 2020 we went straight from lambing into the stay-at-home orders due to the COVID pandemic, and Melinda was really missing the joy of having friends come visit to see the lambs. So she made this sweet “Lambing Time” video to share with friends. I needed a slideshow to use to help market our fiber products, so I made “Hello from Barinaga Ranch.” Enjoy them and please feel free to share them too. Click on the “full screen” icon to enjoy them on your full screen. And please keep scrolling down for more recent fun videos.
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Lambing Time at Barinaga Ranch

Hello from Barinaga Ranch

Some memories from Summer 2020

Every year after the rams are finished breeding the ewes, we lock them in a box stall for a week to keep them from fighting (which they do by backing up and then ramming heads at a full run), while their hormone-fueled aggression calms down. They also wear leather face-shields to block their forward vision and discourage ramming. Today Lisa let them out of their stall to a little outdoor paddock and I was reminded of the prisoners emerging from the dungeon in Beethoven’s opera, Fidelio. Be sure to play this with the audio on, but beware I recorded it kind of loud.

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