The Sheep

Our dairy sheep are East Friesians, a breed that originated in Northern Europe. They are large and beautiful sheep, known for their prodigious milk production. Our ewes, who average 200 pounds when they are full grown, have lovely, sleek, wool-less faces, and skinny rat-like tails. Because their tails stay clean on their own, they do not need to be docked for hygiene.

To increase the hardiness of our sheep, we have bred in a bit of Katahdin genetics…


The Lamb

Our lambs are born in March, just as the West Marin pastures are growing lush and green. They spend their first 4 to 6 weeks with their mothers, whose rich milk gives them a good start in life, before they transition to grazing on our pastures. The daughters of our best milkers stay on to join our milking flock, and the rest of our lambs, after a happy life on green pastures, are humanely harvested for the local food market….


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