It’s breeding month, and all the ewes are in breeding groups with the rams. Most of the ewe lambs are in with our ram lamb, Pistol, and acting all grown up! Nugget (photo-bombing the first photo, taken by Melinda) still has a bit of a head-tilt, but she is a happy gal and such a character, and we’re glad we kept her. Lisa calls her the RCA-Victor lamb, recalling the dog in the RCA Victor ads who cocked his head to listen to the old Victrola phonograph. That is particularly fitting, since our ranch is the site of the old Marconi radio towers and Marconi’s American holdings became the Radio Corporation of America. In the second photo, Pistol is acting like the grown-up ram that he is, courting one of the ewe lambs and testing her urine for a pheromone that will tell him if she is in heat. (That photo of Pistol was taken right after the rams went in on October 10, before we got our big October rain that greened up all the pastures!)

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