I took eight ewes who are retiring from production to Soul Food Farm in Vacaville today. We had our first rain of the season, just a light drizzle, but it made the day pleasantly cool, perfect for transporting sheep. In May I had sold four ewes who turned out not to be pregnant to Alexis Koefoed of Soul Food Farm, to be part of her soil management program. Alexis decided that she wanted to increase her flock, so I sold her eight more ewes who needed to retire from lambing, mostly because of udder problems, although they were otherwise healthy. Among the group were old friends including TidBit, Little Pig-Face, and Bebe’s daughters Berta and Beatrice. Also 1116, whose twin sister, 1115, had been among those who went to Soul Food last spring. When I arrived at the farm with my trailer, there were my four girls sitting under their repurposed chicken shelter, looking as happy as could be. Tears sprang to my eyes seeing them again. We unloaded the newcomers, and watched as the four resident girls got up and came over to greet their old friends. It was such a sweet reunion and it is so nice to know what a good home these gals will have, as well as a second career in soil management. Pictures on the left are of the reunited group checking out their new digs.

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