Melinda and Lolo corralling the flock

Today we weighed and wormed the lambs and gave them their first set of vaccinations. They are in great shape, all happy and healthy and growing really well, almost a pound/day for most of them. We have six mothers raising triplets and all the triplets are doing really well.

Starlet with her big East Friesian ram lamb
Good Girl with her "Romnesian" twins

The “Romnesian” lambs, who have East Friesian mothers and Mitt the Romney as their father, are growing just as well as the high-percentage East Friesian lambs. It is fun to see them develop their own look as they grow–they have the wooly “hairdo” of the Romneys, but open faces like the East Friesians.

Blaze with her "Romnesian" boys

We have been doing our best to fight the foxtails in our pastures, but we still have some, so Orbit got his paws shaved to help discourage foxtails from invading his toes. He also got a through brushing to get any mats out of his coat. He may not look so happy, but actually Orbit loves a little human attention–very different from our earlier dogs who dreaded being close to us.

Orbit gets a makeover

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