“Roys Barinaga” is not associated with Barinaga Ranch

To our potential breeding-stock customers:

We need to let you know that an individual unknown to us is misrepresenting himself as having a relationship with Barinaga Ranch and is fraudulently using our name in offering sheep or goats for sale. This individual is advertising at websites including www.bestfarmbuys.com. He may represent himself as sourcing livestock from Barinaga Ranch, he may sign his emails as “Roys Barinaga” and may also claim to be a former employee of Barinaga Ranch. He may use language or photos taken from our website and he may be using the email address BarinagaRanch@gmail.com. In his interactions with prospective customers he may do any combination of these things. We do not know whether he is a legitimate businessman or not, but we do know that this individual is misrepresenting himself as having a relationship with Barinaga Ranch. He is not associated in any way with Barinaga Ranch—never has been and never will be. Our good name and reputation, and your trust, have been hard-earned and we need you to know that this individual has no relationship with our ranch. All of the photographs and offers that you find on this website where you are now: www.BarinagaRanch.com, are legitimate and associated with Barinaga Ranch.

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