We’ve had a very unusual May. Usually May is our little bit of summer–the spring winds have died down, the pastures are still green and full of wildflowers, and we have sunny days and lovely long evenings that make me nostalgic for the summers of my childhood, in New York and visiting my cousins in Idaho. Then June arrives and with it the fog that dominates our summer here on the California coast. 

But this May was different–we had three weeks of nearly unrelenting wind. I mean WIND! And often with swirling fog. We even had some near-freezing nights! 

Finally, yesterday, May arrived, with warm sun and glorious evenings. 

Marigold with her lamb, one of my last 3/4 East Friesian lambs. I will miss that "dairy look."
Swiss Miss with one of her lambs

The fog is forecast to return tomorrow, so I made the most of last evening and this evening, hanging out in the pasture at sunset with the ewes and their lambs. 

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