It is almost the end of lambing and unlike other years when I CAN’T WAIT for it to be over, this year I’m feeling a bit bittersweet about the end of lambing. 

We have been very fortunate this season, with really excellent ewe health, high fertility, but not too high, all the ewes pregnant, but mostly twins and not too many triplets, only one still-birth. Despite all the suffering from too much rain in our area, we have been blessed. It felt like such an easy lambing season that I was sure that compared to other years, most of our lambs had come during the easy daytime hours. 

I did a data analysis to make my point and it wound up that I was dead wrong!  As it turns out, more of our lambs this season  came in the dead of the night, and actually I was there to attend many of those births. 

So why do I have such a rosy recollection? Partly it is because of ewe health–most of our ewes delivered on their own, often attended, but generally without intervention. But the other reason is KDAN! 

Our little radio station has provided the perfect soundtrack to lambing. The other night I was in the barn in the middle of the night attending a lambing and the music on the radio was SO GOOD! It was a combination of many of my most obscure all -time favorites, and new artists I has never heard. I had to keep pausing to Shazam the songs. Learned about Eilen Jewel among others.

Thank you KDAN for providing the soundtrack to our lambing season. KDAN is 91.5 in Marshall and available streaming as well. 

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