Triplets are the Fashion This Year: Everyone’s having them!

We are at nearly 300% lambing efficiency. If they aren’t having triplets, they are having quads. We haven’t had one ewe this season have a single.

Tuesday night Lisa was doing the late night barn-check and 11:00 pm feeding of Squirt. I was going to wake up to feed Squirt at 2:00 am, but I checked the barn camera before I got out of bed. I saw that Lisa was still in the barn, so I called her. “Aaah!” she said, “We just had quads!” I asked who the mother was, and Lisa paused for a minute. “Jane!” she said. I said “We don’t have a Jane!” Lisa said, “She’s a plain white ewe and she just gave you three girls and a boy, so I thought she deserved a name. It’s Jane!”

Since Lisa was already there, I asked her to please give Squirt his 2:00 am meal. She did, and then attended the birth of Starlet’s twins, keeping her in the barn all night. I think I owe Lisa BIG TIME!

Jane with her quads
Snake Eyes with her triplets
lamb tally March 9

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