Gladys and "the Pips," as Lisa is calling them, Pip and Heidi

Linda finally arrived! We all have received our first vaccinations here on the ranch, and Linda, having received both shots, felt comfortable making the trip. We are so glad she is here! 

She got here yesterday and I put her to work immediately; Gladys, one of our white Romney ewes, went into labor last night, and the lamb was breech, requiring intervention and a hard pull to get the little girl out. Lisa quickly named her “Pip.”

Further examination did not turn up another lamb in Gladys’s uterus, so we put her in a jug with her little Pip and headed home. 

Then this morning Melinda got to the barn early and found two surprises, one good and one not so good. Gladys in her jug had TWO little girls, both white, vigorous and adorable. I named the second one “Heidi,” as she was clearly hiding from us last night. 

The second surprise was Dahlia, with a large lamb partly born. Melinda had a hard time pulling it out, and the lamb died in the birth process. But there was a second lamb, and he is GORGEOUS! A flashy boy, son of Chuck, our white B-factor Romney ram. I do hope I can find a buyer for this little ram. Dahlia has the finest fleece of any of my dark Romneys, and Chuck’s is finer still. This guy should be a very nice Romney sire.


Melinda with Dahlia's flashy boy

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