Scooter was hanging around by herself in the shelter yesterday while all the other ewes grazed. We were suspicious that she was in labor, so brought her down to the yard outside the barn, and a few hours later, she went into labor and delivered a beautiful white boy. She loved that lamb a lot and showed no further signs of labor, so we thought we had our first single of the season. We brought her into the barn and she took care of the lamb for a few hours, then we put her into a jug with her lamb and I went home for dinner, promising Lisa I’d be back up at the barn by 7:00. As Corey and I were starting dinner, I looked at the barn camera and saw Lisa with Scooter out of the jug, and Lisa was delivering a second lamb! So much for our first single. I talked to Lisa and she said Scooter seemed finished, so she put her back into the jug with her twins. When I checked the barn later, all was quiet and Scooter was loving her twins, but Lisa came back to a different scene on her late-night check, and Scooter and Freckles kept her there half the night. Freckles had triplets by the end also, so two more at 300%!

Scooter with her first lamb

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