Lisa, who is still recovering from her broken ankle, came with me on a road trip up to Siskiyou County. Yesterday we delivered Peg and Two-Bits to Jackie Post at Sheep-to-Shop in Vacaville. Lisa and Peg both enjoyed meeting Evangeline the alpaca. Then Lisa and I continued on up to Yreka and this morning we drove out to Tawanda Farms in Montague, to pick up two Romney ewe lambs, a lovely 2-year old ewe named Maison, a ram lamb, and O’Hara the ram who is on loan for the breeding season. The ewe lambs and ram lamb are all white, but are known as “b-factor” lambs, because they carry a copy of a recessive color gene, which will come out in their offspring. We also brought back two b-factor ewe lambs for Sarah Keiser at Wild Oat Hollow.  Tonight the rams were happy in an outdoor paddock next to our other ram lambs, and the ewes were all snug in the barn.
Peg meets Evangeline the alpaca at Sheep to Shop
Maison and our new ewe lambs in our barn
The two ewe lambs we brought back for Wild Oat Hollow
Our new Romneys, ready to be loaded at Tawanda Farms
Lisa with Carol, co-owner at Tawanda Farms

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