Soft Hand-woven Throw Blanket


Soft hand-woven throw blanket 46″ x 58″

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These very special, soft, throw-blankets are hand-woven for us by Kat at the Mendocino Wool and Fiber Mill. They were produced in a small lot, with 100% Barinaga Ranch-raised wool from our Corriedale, Cormo, Romney and cross-bred sheep. The grey fiber is a lovely blend of our Corriedale and Romney colored wools, and the white is a gorgeous blend of Romney, Cormo and Corriedale. Kat designed an asymmetric longitudinal stripe to show off the beautiful sheen of the white yarn. They have a sensuous drape and a soft hand. 46″ by 58″ (60″ with the fringe), Fibershed certified, transitional climate-beneficial.


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