Mist: Cormo/Corriedale White Fleece


Gorgeous raw white Cormo/Corriedale fleece for handspinners. Sold as whole fleece only.

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This fleece from our Cormo-Corriedale cross ewe, Mist, is one of our most beautiful and fine white fleeces so far this season. It is super-soft, with 23 micron average fiber diameter. It was protected with a coat, has been heavily skirted, and is very clean. It has a staple length of 5 inches. Skirted weight of the full fleece is 6 pounds, and I am selling the fleece  as a whole fleece only. Price $22/lb. Cost for the whole fleece: $132 + tax, with $30 shipping. I will ship as economically as possible and refund you any difference in shipping cost .


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