Starlet’s challenged lamb has been splinted on both front legs and is doing well. We called her the peg-leg lamb at first, but now her name is “Peg.” At first she couldn’t get up and flailed around with her front legs. Her back legs wouldn’t support her. But after a day in splints, she was able to get up on her own and nurse from her mother. She probably won’t be able to compete for milk with her two strong siblings so we are likely to raise her as a bottle lamb. In other “physical therapy” news, Blaze gets stronger every day and is standing for longer periods of time. We pulled her two largest lambs from her and are raising them as bottle lambs. She is happy with the two we have left with her and they are completely sustained by the milk she is producing. Melinda noted that although Blaze was down for 4 days before she lambed, her salvation was that she never stopped eating. She is still eating voraciously and we are cutting her “grass salads” to supplement her alfalfa and grain. She loves it all. We expect her to have a full recovery and to raise “Mitt-Bit” and his brother. Top Gun and Link, the other two boys, are happy being bottle lambs and have become real pets. More and better photos to follow.
Blaze with two of her boys

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