This group of 19 ewes is made up of 5 retired grandmas, 4 ewe lambs that were to small to breed, and 10 ewes who did not get pregnant this year. Even though they are not producing lambs, they are earning their keep, with their fleeces and their grazing. We are rotating them through all our paddocks and pastures, grazing each spot for a few days before moving to the next patch, fenced in at each area with portable electronet fencing. This keeps the grass healthy and growing, promotes diversity of forage plants, and stimulates root growth, which sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil, and also enhances soil productivity. And of course they are also fertilizing as they go! All of our sheep are rotated about to give the grass growth and rest periods, but the rams are more limited in where we can move them, and the pregnant ewes have nutritional requirements that mean we would have to move feeders if we moved them every few days. So this gang is our most mobile team. 

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