Scooter lambed tonight and it was about as ideal a lambing as they come. She had looked restless all day and as it is Lisa’s first night off in three weeks, I asked Scooter to please lamb before 10 pm. I fed the bottle-lambs with the help of Taryn who was visiting, then went home for a shower, some office work, and dinner. As I was eating dinner at 8:30, I looked at the lamb-cam and there was Scooter with a lamb. A moment later, it was clear there were two lambs, both up and apparently nursing. I finished dinner, while watching Scooter on the lamb-camera as she nuzzled her nursing lambs. I got up to the barn around 9:00 and opened the door to the wet, sloppy noise of a newborn lamb shaking its head. I turned on the lights and there was Scooter nickering to a third lamb. I got number 3 wiped off and he nursed in no time. Three boys. Scooter was the perfect mother, standing stock-still while her newborns fumbled to find the teats and get a good drink. I got them weighed and prepared a triplet-suite for them, gave Scooter a warm molasses-drink which she sampled, didn’t seem to like, but then dutifully drank as if she knew it was good for her, and put the family to bed, with an alfalfa-dinner for Scooter. Fed the bottle-lambs their last meal of the day and got home by 11. This is how lambing should be.
Scooter and her three sons

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