When Maureen lambed last week, we knew we were going to have a bit of a break in lambing. The four remaining ewes–Two Corriedales, Cora and her daughter Flora, and two East Friesians, Una and Ingot–all had late-March due dates based on their ultrasound scans, and none of the four had “bagged up,” or developed a full udder, which usually happens at least a day before lambing. We went to a non-lambing work-schedule and started leaving the 4 out at night.

Then yesterday, Lisa noticed that Cora, a black Corriedale ewe, had bagged up and had a mucus string. A few hours later, I noticed her in labor in the pasture and I kept an eye on her while she gave birth to a nice big white girl. Just what I had wanted…I was hoping for at least one more white Corriedale ewe lamb to add to our flock.

Cora with her new daughter
Lisa bringing Cora and her new lamb into the barn

Cora and her daughter Flora hang out a lot together, and Flora had stayed close to her mother during her mother’s labor. By the end of the afternoon, Flora was showing signs of labor also!

Lisa stayed with Flora throughout her labor, and said Flora kept going over to her mother’s jug as if to get advice. Finally after a few hours, she gave birth to a big boy.

Mother and daughter are in adjoining jugs and have not stopped talking to their lambs.

Flora with her boy and wearing a flower headband Lisa got for her

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