Maison’s Hard Labor Paid Off…

I headed home for lunch a little before noon today, and checked in with Melinda on the way. She was in the shelter watching Maison, who was in labor. Melinda said she had things under control so I said I was going to grab lunch and then head to the post office. 

I returned an hour an a half later to find Melinda and Maison, still in the shelter, both exhausted. “That was the hardest pull I’ve ever had,” Melinda said. Maison’s first lamb–a big boy– had been stuck and Melinda said it took all her strength to pull him out. He was followed by a smaller sister, and all were doing well when I found them.

After some time to recover, Melinda loaded the lambs into Lisa’s lamb-cart for the trip to the barn. The boy was 13.5 lbs, the girl 11.5. Maison loves them both despite the trauma of their birth.

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