Yesterday was one of our miserably windy March days, with gusts so strong anything not nailed down was flying away. It was also a sad day because it was time for my cousin Linda to return to Idaho. After we said goodbye to Linda our minds were taken off it all by a little lamb-storm. Around 11 am Melinda looked up on the hill and thought Daisy was cast next to the fence (laying down and unable to get up). But by the time Melinda got to her, Daisy had popped out a lamb! Daisy is a yearling Cormo-Corriedale cross and very slight of build–we didn’t think she was close to lambing yet. She is a first-time mother, but a good one and loves that little lamb. Daisy is a favorite of Lisa’s and Lisa has already named her daughter Hazel.

Daisy and Hazel

While Melinda’s attention was on Hazel, Lolo found Happy, an experienced “Romnesian” ewe, in the shelter with newborn twins. The ewes love to lamb in the shelter, but the dirt floor makes a mess of their newborns, and Happy’s came into the barn pretty dirty!

Happy with her twins

Lolo fed the ewes their mid-day alfalfa and no one else seemed close to lambing, but after he took his own lunch he returned to find our Corriedale ewe Fog with twins! All mothers and lambs are doing well and we have only seven ewes left to lamb. 

Fog with her twins

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