Today started off well when Melinda found Nanette lambing in the barn at 5 am. Nanette had twins, and then it proceeded to be a rather slow day. I turned the compost with the tractor while Lisa and Linda did rounds, giving day-1 shots and worming the mothers in the barn. Then around 1:00 Linda and I walked home to have a late lunch, checking the pasture on the way. Surprise! 5069, Emy’s daughter, had a new set of triplets in the shelter We had checked just an hour before and all was quiet, but still we felt badly she had done it all on her own.

Then we found Marilyn in labor outside the shelter, with a look that said “how can you have abandoned me here?” We called Lisa on the radio and Lisa and I got the triplets into a wheelbarrow and back to the barn with their mother, while Linda attended the birth of twins outside the shelter, then we used the “lamb purses” to bring Marilyn’s twins to the barn, with mother following.




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