Lolo and Melinda help Blaze stand up
We had Blaze standing up for a short while yesterday. Those legs are pretty stiff and weak after 5 days down, but she was game to try as long as she could. We’ll do more physical therapy today. Hope there aren’t too many new deliveries to distract us. Meanwhile, her four ram lambs are doing great, and just get cuter. The black lamb is totally black, which is nice, thanks to the fact that Mitt lacks the spotting gene, and Blaze only has one copy. We are training them all to drink from the bottle as well as from mom, since the three we leave with her will need supplementation in the pasture as they grow, and the one that we pull will be a bottle lamb. We are trying to sell bottle lambs at three days of age for a reduced price this year. Any of these rams would make a nice addition to a backyard East Friesian flock, if you want to add a bit of hardiness to your ewes and lambs, lower lambing rate and healthier lambs, and don’t mind losing a bit of milk production. Email me if you are interested.
Melinda with Blaze and the quads
Blaze with Top Gun

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