Flora’s lamb Daisy is pretty special. Her mother, Flora, has the finest fleece of all my Corriedales, at 25 microns average fiber diameter, and Daisy’s father is Perry the Cormo. We don’t have his fiber-diameter results back yet, but as a Cormo from a flock with prized fine fiber, I’m sure he’s going to be in the teens. We were thrilled when Flora had a girl to start our Corriedale/Cormo flock, and we have high hopes for Daisy’s fleeces. 

Lisa was thrilled for another reason–Flora is a favorite pet of hers, and last year Flora had a boy who didn’t stay on the ranch. Lisa has been eager to befriend a lamb of Flora’s. She named Daisy as soon as she was born and is working hard to make friends with her. It hasn’t been difficult–Daisy has her mother’s sweet disposition. 

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