A couple of this season's Romney lambs

We have some very nice fine-fiber ram lambs available in Spring 2023. We have two black 1/2 Cormo, 1/2 Corriedale ram lambs, and three black 3/4 Cormo, 1/4 Corriedale ram lambs. The Cormo sires, Perry and Prince, have average fiber diameters of about 20 microns.  I also have two white 3/4 Cormo, 1/4 Corriedale ram lambs. We have 5 fine-wool white ewe lambs for sale, 1/2 or 3/4 Cormo. 

In addition we have a recessive-colored Romney ram lamb for sale, and quite a few nice white or colored Romney ewe lambs. 


23001: 1/2 Cormo, 1/2 Corriedale ram lamb, 8 weeks old at photo
23050: 3/4 Cormo ram lamb, 5 weeks old at photo

Lambs will be weaned and available in mid-June. They will be wormed and will have their initial two Clostridial and Pasteurella vaccines.

23065: Romney ram lamb, 4 weeks old at photo

The lambs were very squirmy on photo day, so I don’t have photos of every sale lamb, but I can provide photos of specific lambs upon request. 

Email me if you are interested in buying breeding stock.


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