Romney lambs

We will have Romney and Corriedale/Cormo-cross lambs available as breeding stock in the spring of 2023. We are no longer breeding high-percentage East Friesian lambs, but we will have white and recessive-colored Romneys and both white and black Corriedale/Cormo-cross lambs. Lambs will be ready to go home in June 2023 after weaning. If you want to raise a bottle lamb, you will need to be willing to be “on-call” in March and able to take a lamb that needs bottle-raising with 3-days notice. If you want to be on a waiting list for breeding stock in 2023, please email me as soon as possible, as our lambs often sell out before they are born.

Romney/East Friesian cross lambs
Recessive-colored Romney ram-lamb with his mother
Corriedale ewe lamb with her mother

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